Regular/Distance UGC Recognised Full Time Degree/Diploma

Agriculture shares a major part of the Indian economy where 50% population is working for the agriculture sector. India is the largest producer of pulses, wheat, rice, and spices all over the world and is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the Indian economy is an agriculture-dependent economy. Humankind is always dependent on food for its survival; therefore, it is very important to study agriculture to improve crops and productivity. AISECT university Jharkhand understands the importance of the agriculture sector and therefore it established the Department of Agriculture to cultivate young minds to work in the agriculture sector to boost agricultural productivity and the Indian economy.

         Being the best agriculture college of India, the AISECT department of agriculture has designed the course curriculum to contribute to developing new practices of harvesting to increase agriculture production without harming the environment and human health. The course provides an in-depth study of farming, seeds, soil, harvesting techniques, seasonal effects on crops, plants, pests, and environmental science. Students can opt to research a particular stream to gain more knowledge and come up with some breakthrough ideas of improving agriculture techniques to increase productivity and at the same time preserving the crop.

         The esteemed faculty of AISECT department of agriculture uses traditional methods of teaching to impart theoretical knowledge as well as conduct poly-house visits, industrial visits, laboratory visits, experimental plots and field visits inside or outside of the university campus to give practical exposure to students to understand new agricultural practices, use of modern machinery and techniques in farming. Students get hands-on experience of learning soil management through land and soil surveys, water resource management, and basic biotechnology used in today’s time.

         Being the best agriculture college in Jharkhand, the AISECT department of agriculture aims to keep students updated with all the activities happening in the agriculture sector in India. The various courses offered to students not only teaches farming practices but also water resource management to increase crop productivity in water scarcity areas. Study of soil science to improve soil fertility by using fertilizers and crop rotation methods. The main aim of agriculture science is to improve and increase agriculture productivity. Crops are always dependent on seasonal changes and environmental factors. With increasing population and demand for food, it has become even more crucial to find out new ways and means of farming to save and increase crop productions.

Rated as best among all the agriculture colleges in Ranchi, the AISECT department of agriculture makes students eligible for getting jobs related to agriculture or to enroll in research programs related to biotechnology, biosecurity, advance agricultural practices, etc.