Course Objectives:

There are one main objectives of this degree course :

The course has been designed keeping in mind the desirable characteristics of a competent computer professional. We have identified these characteristics to be the following :

1.       Communication skills
2.       Ability to work in a team
3.       Logical and numerical ability
4.       Knowledge of Business, consisting of Strong fundamentals of :

Eligibility for Admission:

Passed Graduation in any discipline



Scheme of Study for B.B.A Course :

o      For passing the examination, minimum 40% marks must be scored in each passing head individually.

o      For passing the over all aggregate of marks must be at least 45% in theory and practical separately.

o      For the purpose of award of merit or division, only the marks obtained in theory heads of all semester and together shall be considered.

Strict standards would be maintained, to ensure quality.

Since computing is an applied field, it has been decided to increase the weightage of computer labs to 40% of the theory. Thus each student will have 5 theroy and 2 practical courses in each semester, except for the last semester, which would be wholly devoted to a project.